Lankans top list of people most satisfied with their lives

SINGAPOREANS are satisfied with their lives, even though they are less contented than other Asians, a regional survey showed.

In advertising firm Grey Group Asia Pacific’s study on consumer attitudes, 63 per cent of 504 Singaporeans surveyed said that they were very or somewhat satisfied with their lives.

Singapore ranked ninth on the satisfaction scale out of 16 countries surveyed. Sri Lanka topped the list with 93 per cent, while Taiwan took the last spot with only 28 per cent.

In its fourth year, the study polled more than 8,000 people aged 18 to 65 from Asia-Pacific countries, via e-mail or face-to-face interviews between last December and January.

One satisfied Singaporean, insurance executive Jean Tan, 26, said: ‘I have a supportive family and a roof over my head provided by my Government, and a group of loving friends with whom I can be my real self. So, I’m happy.’

But Singaporeans’ outlook for the future was more pessimistic than that of most people from neighbouring countries.

Asked if the future would be better than the past, only 65 per cent agreed, making Singapore the fourth-most-pessimistic country. China and Sri Lanka tied for being themost optimistic, with 94 per cent each.

Only 24 per cent of Singaporeans are more contented now than 12 months ago, down from last year’s 31 per cent.

And only 17 per cent saw their finances improving, down from last year’s 39 per cent.

Grey Group Singapore’s chief executive, Mr Subbaraju Alluri, said that the results had been affected by the financial crisis.

Describing Singaporeans as being ‘cautious about everything’, he said: ‘When there’s the slightest disruption, they will be more pessimistic because they want to be prepared for worst-case scenarios.’


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