CompClass – Composite materials systems classification and qualification

Classification and Qualification of Composite Materials Systems for use in the Civil Infrastructure

The purpose of this three-year UK DTI- funded project was to facilitate the better use of composite materials systems in the construction industry. It began in April 2002 and finished in May 2005. The project was managed by Oxford Brookes University, with support from AEA Technology (now ESR Tech- nology Ltd.), Mouchel Parkman, and Tony Gee & Partners.

A large Industrial Advisory Group was formed to provide guidance, materials and cash contributions to the project.Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) materials are used increasingly in a large range of applications, in both new build and repair, as well as in conjunction with adhesives and laminating resins. The growth in the use of composite materials systems for different applications involving concrete, metallic and timber structures has highlighted the need for more guidance on the design, application and approval processes. Procedures were developed for the assessment of materials systems on site, involving the development of manufacturing techniques for on-site fabrication of reliable and consistent test pieces.

Design and application guidance was compiled that draws upon performance requirements as well as being informed by experience. Case histories were used to further reinforce the guidance. The major outputs from this project included classification and qualification schemes, together with guidance on their implementation, test protocols (laboratory and site-based), QC test acceptance criteria and practical application guidance.

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