Life is beautiful! Lets make it happen to the world!

Recently I have come across an article about traveling around the world. The article was ok. But I was impressed by some phrases and that is really the core of the happy life. The simple question is what a man need in this world to live happy? Many people could say some of the most luxurious items to pursue the happiness. But the reality is not. People need fresh air, healthy food, clean water, exercise, creative stimulation, companionship, self-esteem and a safe place to sleep.

The interesting question is “Can the world afford to provide these to every human being?”.Yes, it is so simple if the wealth is distributed among the entire population. Many of us already have the way to find  these, but we always eye on something which we do not need to live but we want it.

But how many of us realise that we sacrifice the things which we need to live happy in order to achieve what we wanted for luxury. People like us who live in the big cities like New York, Tokyo or London, do we really have fresh air, clean water (?), creative stimulation and companionship. All what we have is first money, second money and third money and many think that the money can bring happiness in life. Well, so still they are in search of more money to pursue more happiness and which never ends.

It is ignorant to say that money is not required in life. It is required and man made the money and he again made it essential to live with. We can no longer ignore that. But, the money is required only to provide healthy food and a safe place to sleep and rest of them are available for free for all. Unfortunately, around 20% of the world’s entire population has the excess amount of money while rest 80% has everything to be happy except some little money to buy healthy food. It should be our millennium goal development to distribute the money among those in need rather keeping it for luxurious items. All the men and women who has excess money must think about those who need a healthy food and clean water at least once or twice a day when he/she stand in a queue for a latest luxurious electronic equipment or designer cloth.

Let us work towards for a better world where each and every human being provided with clean water and healthy food. It is the challenge of the man kind. But, we will succeed one day.


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