Brits bin enough food to feed 19m people – Greenlife

Brits cook enough extra food at dinnertime to feed at least an extra 19 million mouths. 39% of us admit to cooking enough extra food to feed at least one other person and 36% suffer from ‘waste worry’ over the amount of food they waste each week. With a food wastage bill of £10billion per year, perhaps that figure should be a little higher. In its quest to get people to ‘Plan It for the Planet’, research by the online grocer Ocado into waste awareness shows 1 in 3 bags of shopping go straight in the bin, and the most concerning thing is the majority of it goes completely untouched. One man who knows a lot about reducing waste is Arthur Potts Dawson who launched eco-friendly restaurant ‘Acorn House.’ In this exciting new video he explains how running a household isn’t that different from running a business and offers his top tips on keeping food waste to a minimum. For more information visit[/a%5D [a]


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