Redefining Sri Lanka’s public transport and traffic flow – An Inevitable duty the nation owes to its people

There was always this question, how a country can portray itself to the rest of the world without a proper transport infrastructure and public transportation. Each and every time  when I come home from my long stay in the west due to my work commitments, I aspire to see a difference and always I find nothing. Sometimes, I think whether I expect anything beyond their abilities to redefine the transport infrastructure. But, I was always proved wrong. Every nation on earth provided with highly capable people to do necessary improvements. It is all about having the right vision to make it happen.

We may have a great culture, most friendly people on earth. But these qualities are not going make the first impression. When a foreigner step into the country with full of dreams to spend his holiday, he witnesses unregulated traffic flow and badly organized transportation infrastructure. There we lose everything. I was asking that why our roads are so badly regulated and why we do not have a proper public transport. I still have no answer. I think relevant authorities should think about redefining the way the traffic flow and must take necessary measures to implement a proper public transport for all. The two measures are inevitable to cope with the current global development to attract tourists and also to mobilize the economy at its best phase.

Just consider a one kilometer road strip within the greater Colombo area during day time. You may find at least 5 to 6 busses within that random one kilometer. On Galle road (A main artery connects south of Sri Lanka with the capital) , between Fort and Mt.Lavinia, there operate tens of buses for each village in the south. No advanced cities on earth allow individual privates to run bus service for each route. Being considered the essential service , the public transportation require a organized flow for the convenience of the people.  Thus, most of the cities prefer a single company to operate the public transport within a city limit, such that there will not be a bad competition to ruin the comfortable of the passenger.

A country always committed to provide universal health care, free education has finally failed to provide a convenient transportation to the ordinary public. They let each and every single person to own a bus and apply for route license. Finally a chaos on the streets.

The fact forgot by the lawmakers was that the country need a proper public transportation and traffic flow. In that sense, they need a decent look on the road. Under these circumstances, Sri Lanka left with two options. Either continue the chaos and make cities which would be branded in the future constantly the worst place to live on earth, or redefine the transport facilities.

The working community of the country struggles every single day on buses and trains as there are no comfortable transport available within destination. I used to wonder whether the politicians misunderstood that the people pay tax to enhance the politicians life. While the bad quality Indian buses ruin the environment, the comfort inside the buses are to the least and still there are no promising step to enhance the transport facility either by creating a metro system within the city limits or by enhancing the bus facilities.

There are only two ways to my knowledge to enhance the bus facilities within each city limits. The entire buses operating within the greater Colombo city limit (applicable to other cities too) can be brought under one corporation where the bus owners will be shareholders based on their capital. The entire profit would go to the corp and the competition on the roads can be eliminated. This could result in a smooth flow of buses on streets and can eliminate delays on the bus stops.

If the current bus operators do not agree with this plan, the law makers can think about bringing a big overseas corporation into the transportation business, such that the small bus operators will shut down their service eventually (similar to what happens when the super market giant Wal Mart enters in to a city). With time, the bus corp will end up operating the entire service within the city limits.

By doing this, we ensure a proper traffic flow within cities and reduce number of buses on the streets during anytime. The country had already made mistake by allowing private owners to run the buses independently and now that has become a problem similar to healthcare industry in the United States. They take more authority, and they never care about passengers comfort or convenience. Even who cares, neither ministers do care. Are they (Sri Lankans) life stocks to transport by this way?

Will grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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