Youth Against War and Poverty – A new movement

Few youths from war torn Sri Lanka gathered to make a global movement to bring down peace and prosperity around the world by gathering youths around the globe for this greater cause.

There is a stronger reason why it was named “Youth Against War and Poverty”. Accumulation of ammunition and nuclear weapons around the world does not necessarily bring peace in the world. Rather, it would lead to destruction and youth are aimed to fight for no cause. It was always the youth who dedicated their valuable lives for bad politics which never gained anything in a big picture.

Youths were motivated to fight against governments by regional politicians/state politicians where the youth had no idea what they were doing. Therefore, this movement aims at attracting educated and intellectual youths who think rationally that any war bring destruction and subsequently leads the poverty of the society.

War not only destroys the current prosperity of the generations, but the future too. It lacks developments and leave the war regions abandoned where people are forced to live a substandard life with poverty.

When the world produce sufficient food to feed all the 7 billion population, why 15% of the population struggle to find food and be malnourished. The major cause is war and destruction which cause poverty in the regions.

We aim to bring people with similar interest to join the movement, so we can educate, persuade and convince the youth around the world to engage in more productive activity which could bring economic prosperity and can eradicate poverty to make the world a better place to live.

The website of the movement about to be launched very soon and will meet you soon.

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