What you really call a life? How to make it?

The village and the district where I was born, on average people had enough food to feed themselves and their families, good houses with lands, good clothes and a bicycle or motor bicycle to carry out their job and day to day activities. There were no pubs and clubs. Fun times were filled by temple festivals and family events. People had enough facility to have a good healthcare, educate themselves and to obtain a degree too. But, I didn’t understand the meaning of life.

Then I displaced from my hometown with another nine hundred thousand people, and spent days in streets without proper shelter and food. People died along due to several diseases. Days spent without education, proper health care and there was no space for fun. But, I didn’t understand the meaning of life.

Later, I moved to the capital city of the island, where people had everything we had in our village. However, bicycles were replaced by buses. An average person can travel by bus as cycles and motorcycles were assumed to be dangerous on those city roads. About 20% of the city population lived a life equivalent to what is offered in the western cities. Another 20% suffered for food even. The rest 60% called average, struggled to make a decent living. Traveling on buses and trains was neither joyful nor pleasant. However the 60% left with no other choice. The lawmakers, entrepreneurs and business people were in the top 20%, never thought about improving the 60%’s life while making a good business. They were busy with making their life more comfortable by importing the most luxurious vehicles, building world class restaurants, pubs and clubs to serve their fellow 20% by selling basics to those struggling population. They had everything they wanted. But no one really cared about the 60%, even the law makers. Thus 60% continued the same life. The big picture of the city never changed. Because the majority still remain the same. You find nothing other than more chaos on the city roads and other facilities with time. But, I didn’t understand the meaning of the life.

Finally, I went to western world, where every single person had everything including luxuries, world class restaurants, pubs and clubs. A very small percentage of people struggled to make that living. Although they struggled, the opportunity was definite. Still there are complaints about lack of social life, instability in the society due to the pursued mechanical life. However, still I didn’t understand the meaning of life.
What could I really say a life? I had the advantage of a very few to witness all four states and I do not understand that where do we really begin and end. What is the real purpose of a government other than fighting the wars and making the world a bad place to live. Do they really care about giving all the world citizen a decent life. If then what is that decent life. Would you call having all luxuries by giving up what we had in my little village. Or, all the governments and law makers are really trying to put all people to the stage where we were during the displacement times. Did we chose them to do so.

Else we all be at the state of the top 20% living in the capital by ignoring the poor 20% and struggling 50%. So that we will have some sort of achievement in our life by having some elements to compare your well being. Can it really be called a life?

Or are we all going to make all the efforts to bring all the world population to the state of the life lived by most of the industrialist nations. How did really make it happen. Does any of us really think about this, or at-least our law makers? Or they aren’t capable of doing such great transformation.  If they don’t what is the real meaning of life to them?

I am so terrified and stupefied by the meaning of life. Where do we start and where do we end and what we all will have at the end. All the countries on earth and communities on earth will have some meaning for a real life. Until they achieve that, my question will always remain unanswered.


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