Why Google should start a publishing service for academic and technical journals!

Few days ago, there was an article on Guardian (David Colquhoun, 2011) reporting academic publishing and the way the publishing companies operate. Well, finally few were strong enough to stand up for it.

More often, the research and development in science aimed for dissemination of your findings to the rest of the world and every researcher expects it to be utilized someway or other anywhere in the world. There his work gets a fulfillment. Nevertheless, the way publishers operate and restrict the access lead the work to be contained within a circle. The way this operate is quiet a complex formula.

The first loop of this complex formula starts with Universities and funding bodies who expect their research to be published in a reputed journal. Well, they have to revise whether they need reputation or dissemination of the knowledge to a greater audience. It is very important to understand that any new technology or development should not have any restriction on further development. If happens, it cannot be a pure academical/human factor advancement. As once Bill Gates mentioned, “if the other technologies are so open as software industry, the you can see miracle in every sector of the world”. So this gives a flavour that how important is knowledge for technological advancement and greater socioeconomic development of the human race.

When it comes to technical or scientific journal, the researchers and professionals approach Google to find out those unless otherwise they explicitly have an idea about the source. In such a situation, what if Google itself owns the publishing business. They of-course know how to generate business  while keeping the source free for users.

In this perspective, I strongly believe that the Google’s entry into publishing business by acquiring a big publishing house will break all the barriers that scientists and professionals face while getting the access to journals and articles in respected streams.


David Colquhoun, 2011, “Publish-or-perish: Peer review and the corruption of science”, Guardian.co.uk

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