Market is competitive, how about consumers?

Do we really have a system to evaluate the sustainability and healthiness of any consumable products we purchase in a supermarket or in a shop.

If we say, “yes”, do we refer the nutrition, fat and calorie information? or any other comprehensive guideline?

For example, if we go to a supermarket, we can find may be ten different types of butter, then how do we chose the one? Because, it is cheap or else it is a reputable brand.

What else can enhance the trend of consuming goods?

I think it is important for us to know about the products. Important to know stuff based on their environmental friendliness and also healthiness. Do we really need an index to identify it?

I think “yes”. We do need an index to identify products.

We have few more reasons to demand for an index. An article by Economist outline the tyranny of choices and how people are puzzled with what to buy.

If you can have everything in 57 varieties, making decisions becomes hard work


Potato chips, yes, we have too many choices by difference companies. Who cares about how healthy those are, just buy it.

THESE are momentous times for the British potato crisp. Little over a generation ago the humble snack came in just a trio of flavours: ready salted, cheese and onion, or salt and vinegar. Today the choice is tongue-tingling: Thai sweet chilli, balsamic vinegar and caramelised onion, Oriental red curry, lime and coriander chutney, vintage cheddar and onion chutney, buffalo mozzarella and herbs, chicken tikka masala.


The change in the last forty years is so dramatic that we have been blizzard with options.

Wheel a trolley down the aisle of any modern Western hypermarket, and the choice of all sorts is dazzling. The average American supermarket now carries 48,750 items, according to the Food Marketing Institute, more than five times the number in 1975.


How good it is to a wider society?

Many of these options have improved life immeasurably in the rich world, and to a lesser extent in poorer parts. They are testimony to human ingenuity and innovation. Free choice is the basis on which markets work, driving competition and generating economic growth. It is the cornerstone of liberal democracy. The 20th century bears the scars of too many failed experiments in which people had no choice.


An incredible article. Read more here


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