Foods, herbs and little history

If you are a person who is interested about foods, herbs used in cooking and history, then there is a brilliant website to visit and learn. Recently I have  come across this site and really amazed to see the amount of information seeded in. Lets talk about the oldest restaurants in the world. You probably think of an Italian. Well, Hostaria Dell’Orso ( of Rome happened to be the existing oldest restaurant of the world since 16th century. Then Zur Letzten Instanz of Berlin (1621), La Petite Chaise of Paris (1680) etc. lining up.

Hostaria Dell’Orso

Here they give a brief history of some restaurants around the world,  worth a read. World’s oldest restaurants!

Another interesting topic was about herb gardening. There is an eloquent article about herbs gardening. Full access is here. Here is a brief on it.

Herbs are the most wonderful collection of plants, because not only do they smell divine, look good, and do you good, but they can transform a dish into a feast. Herb gardening has become popular recently because it is satisfying to grow flavourful plants and to use them in your home and commercial cooking.

If you are a person of this sort of interest, there is lot to find and learn here! Share my kitchen by Sergey and Borislava.


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