Virtual 3D store to keep market competitive!

Even if you are a native of a town, sometimes it is difficult to figure out where a specs shop is located, a pharmacy or even a grocery. Unstable economic conditions leads to closure of many corner shops and local vendors. Giant supermarkets taking the business out of local community. There are many reasons associated with it, convenience of a big supermarket, and inconvenience of hopping into different local stores, to mention a few. So, how can local community stores could survive in this competitive environment?

  • Will it be convenient if you can check all types of stores online before you make a decision?
  • How you would like it if a local vendor has a special product and gives attractive discounts?
  • How about if entire high street comes into your computer, you just browse around to have an idea of what you can shop at every places?

If you would like the above, then a virtual 3D stores could be the answer to it. Mapping the entire high street shops in a virtual 3D environment could be and idea that could make the market more competitive and sustainable.

What can this offer  to vendors?

  • They can showcase all their products in a virtual environment.
  • Update the discounts and deals available in their shops.
  • Advertise for the unique products they sell, and benefits associated.

What can this offer  to buyers?

  • Decide before you shop
  • Find out who are the vendors who sell the item you look for in the town
  • Check out for deals and get an idea

In overall, the virtual 3D store can once again give a better platform for local vendors to compete against the big supermarket giants in a sloppy economic environment. Further, it also provides buyers a wider choice to make.